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Quarterly Economic Update: Q1 2020

In this Q1 recap: COVID-19 hits the United States, followed by heavy economic volatility, government stimulus, and an as-yet untold human cost. THE QUARTER IN BRIEF The spread of COVID-19 sent stocks tumbling in the first quarter, as health…

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Monthly Economic Update: April 2020

In this month’s recap: The CARES Act moves to assist Americans quarantined by COVID-19, providing relief with a $2T stimulus package; markets worldwide react to coronavirus-related volatility. THE MONTH IN BRIEF The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES)…


3 Ways to Stay Positive and Reduce Stress

We are facing multiple contagions at this point. Not only are we physically battling a virus that seems nearly impossible to stay ahead of, but we are battling the contagion of negativity and stress. And while we rampantly parse…