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The Fed’s Year-Long Review Expected in September

Changes may be on the way. The Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee has eight scheduled meetings each year when the seven board members review the nation’s economic activity and set the federal funds rate’s target rate. In this extraordinary…

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Is the U.S. recovery sputtering?

Guest Post by Ned Davis Research Changes in economic indicators off their shutdown levels in March and April have been encouraging. To name a few, nonfarm payrolls, retail sales, and industrial production have all rebounded in May and June…

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What is Earnings Season?

Every few months, you may hear the phrase “we’re entering earnings season” as you read financial news. But what exactly is “earnings season” and why is it important to Wall Street? Earnings season is the period of time when…

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Economic Update: July 2020

In this month’s recap: stocks notched a solid gain, overcoming the rise of reported COVID-19 cases and plans of a slowdown in economic re-openings. U.S. Markets Stock prices climbed higher in June, as investors looked beyond an increase in…

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PMIs post record rebound

Guest Post by Ned Davis Research Global manufacturing activity registered a remarkable rebound in June as economies all over the world continued to reopen, following COVID-19 induced lockdowns imposed earlier this year. The global manufacturing PMI surged a record…