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3 Ways to Stay Positive and Reduce Stress

We are facing multiple contagions at this point. Not only are we physically battling a virus that seems nearly impossible to stay ahead of, but we are battling the contagion of negativity and stress. And while we rampantly parse…

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Monthly Economic Update: March 2020

In this month’s recap: The coronavirus becomes the leading news story in the financial markets, sending stock indices and Treasury yields lower; oil futures slide; consumer confidence, hiring, and manufacturing data offer bright spots.   THE MONTH IN BRIEF In…

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That First Distribution from Your IRA

What you need to know. When you are in your seventies, Internal Revenue Service rules say that you must start making withdrawals from your traditional IRA(s). In I.R.S. terminology, these withdrawals are called Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs).1 Generally, these…

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4 Questions for a New Beginning

See if you are prepared to begin your retirement by answering four key questions. How do you know you are psychologically ready to retire? As a start, ask yourself four questions. 1.) Is your work meaningful? If it is…

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A Roth IRA’s Many Benefits

Why do so many people choose them over traditional IRAs? The IRA that changed the whole retirement savings perspective. Since the Roth IRA was introduced in 1998, its popularity has soared. It has become a fixture in many retirement…