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Market News

Monthly Economic Update: August 2019

U.S. Economy Still Growing Despite Global Turmoil U.S.-China trade, currency dispute impacting other economies, financial markets Out of the ashes of the global financial crisis, the U.S. economy in July entered its longest-running expansion in history. Stocks managed to…


Your Diversified Portfolio vs. the S&P 500

How global returns and proper diversification are affecting overall returns.   “Why is my portfolio under performing the market?” This question may be on your mind. It is a question that investors sometimes ask after stocks shatter records or…


How Medigap Choices Are Changing

Plan F is fading away, and Plan G may gain more popularity. Soon, two types of Medigap policies will no longer be sold. Seniors who enroll in Medicare in 2020 or later will be unable to buy Medigap Plan…

Estate Planning

Will You Avoid These Estate Planning Mistakes?

Too many households commit these common blunders. Many people plan their estates diligently, with input from legal, tax, and financial professionals. Others plan earnestly but make mistakes that can potentially affect both the transfer and destiny of family wealth.…