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Are Changes Ahead for Retirement Accounts?

A bill now in Congress proposes to alter some longstanding rules. Most Americans are not saving enough for retirement, despite ongoing encouragement to do so (and recurring warnings about what may happen if they do not). This year, lawmakers…

Estate Planning

Leaving a Legacy to Your Grandkids

Now is the time to explore the possibilities. Grandparents Day provides a reminder of the bond between grandparents and grandchildren and the importance of family legacies. A family legacy can have multiple aspects. It can include much more than…


The Snowball Effect

Save and invest, year after year, to put the full power of compounding on your side. Have you been saving for retirement for a decade or more? In the foreseeable future, something terrific is likely to happen with your…

Market News

Quarterly Economic Update: Q2 2018

U.S. Economy Likely Posted Strong Growth in Q2, But Trade Concerns Loom Based on recent economic data, economists and market participants are expecting robust growth for the second quarter for the U.S. economy. If so, that would be welcome…