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The SECURE Act and Traditional IRA Changes

What is it? How might it affect retirement strategy? If you follow national news, you may have heard of the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act. Although the SECURE Act has yet to clear the Senate,…

Market News

Markets’ Mixed Signals Leave Fund Managers Guessing

Even as stocks have performed strongly thus far in June, institutional investors have been flipping from overweight to underweight equities at levels not seen since March 2009. While their underweight positioning to global equities fell to a 10-year low,…

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A Decision Not Made is Still a Decision

Indecision can lead to no decision. Investment inaction is played out in many ways, often silently, invisibly, and with potential consequence to an individual’s future financial security. Let’s review some of the forms this takes.  Your workplace retirement plan.…

Market News

Monthly Economic Update: June 2019

Economic Data Softening as U.S. Economy Looks Toward Longest Expansion Two months into the second quarter and the U.S. economy is heading towards its longest expansion since the 10-year expansion from 1991-2001. By July, it will become the longest,…


Have You Budgeted for Retirement?

Creating a strategy for success. Run the numbers. There is a rule of thumb for retirees suggesting that retirement income has a target of 70-80% of the household’s end salary, though this can certainly vary. So, years before leaving…

Estate Planning

Coping with an Inheritance

A windfall from a loved one can be both rewarding and complicated. Inheriting wealth can be a burden and a blessing. Even if you have an inclination that a family member may remember you in their last will and…